Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday, January 19, 2009

People as an embedded part of our environment

It is most important to remember that in our efforts toward sustainability people can make it or break it. While many interests want to focus only on the physical and "natural" environment, the role of humans cannot be ignored. It may be the most complex, undesireable, or interesting - whatever the take, we can't be ignored. From a Western and capitalistic perspective humans are at the center of the universe; a large part of the reason why the physical environment is so challenged. From any perspective, our growth as a species dominates the world and as a result creates a serious impact on the physical enviroment even under conditions of enviromentally conservative behavior.

As we attempt to shift this value system off-center to allow priorities that are not immediately and individually focused we can address our inherent self-interests by including people in the alternatives to environmental meltdown. By involving people in solving problems that we - or others - have created we can find new solutions that we can embrace and live with. We can help to have our own needs met while we are addressing the needs of the physical environment and the social program. We can improve the health, development, and empowerment of those involved in the work in a process that is more democratic than most current day efforts and an outcome that offers greater equity than we can imagine.

My hopes for PEHKA.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just checking to see if anyone has looked on here lately.
Here is a picture of Peter, Stephen, and little Stephen.